An American company with a Global reach.

Global Pacific provides a full spectrum of services to manage our customer’s product sourcing or manufacturing from design through production and delivery. This total service approach is unique and distinguishes Global Pacific from outsourcing competitors, or the capacity of many medium and small sized companies.

The amount of visibility you have in Asia is up to you.

Whether from our client's home offices in the USA and Europe or on the ground with our staff in Asia, we are always available. How much time our clients spend in Asia is governed by them, from regular visits to no presence at all. Our offices in Bangkok and Hong Kong can coordinate both pre and post production factory tours; and, regular, on-site inspections at manufacturing facilities. And from both Asia and the US, we are always enthusiastic to describe in detail how we implement our Total Quality Management (TQM) system.

Our Factories are ISO 9001/2000 certified.

Our commitment is to inspect and qualify components the way you would if your QA department were in our facility. We have surveyed over 200 factories in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore and selected 30 to supply our customers’ products.

Note: Our customers do not get billed for production until after sample approval.

Unlike a broker, Global Pacific represents you, not the factory or manufacturer. We work on your behalf.

We have offices in Palm Beach, Florida, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Our staff of 14 includes project engineers, quality control specialists, and logistics coordinators who provide quality oversight throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our investment in Asia gives our customers their own offshore manufacturing site. As a result, we provide a marked cost savings and a team of experts working for you without the expense of your staff, managing and/or maintaining a separate foreign office, or foreign factory.

Global Pacific evaluates your product(s) and provides you a detailed quote with no hidden charges for freight, customs, handling fees, insurance, etc.

We handle it all for you. Literally. Our thoroughness and attention to detail ensures that the unforeseen is kept to a minimum, and surprises are not around the corner. We manufacture or source products of an amazing variety, and we more than likely will know how to handle yours as well..

Your firm is searching for foreign suppliers and manufacturers. We are professionals in the field of international sourcing and can assist you in your business development abroad and reduce your purchasing expenses through the development of new foreign suppliers.

If you are looking for supplier sourcing assistance to locate Asia-based manufacturers, our multi-lingual supplier sourcing team from over 15 different countries give you an enormous head start in your quest for the right source or manufacturer for your goods.