Global Pacific represents US and European retailers in Asia as representatives for sourcing and manufacturing a very wide diversity of products: art, furniture, textiles, floor coverings, jewelry and gemstones, bed and bath accessories, kitchen and dinnerware, outdoor furnishings and décor, toys, and many others.

We have developed one of Asia’s most impressive arrays of manufacturers and sources for retail goods. Our manufacturing associations range from the large to the cottage. From some of the most complex and sophisticates manufacturing facilities to small-operation artists and artisans who can produce outstanding and extraordinarily unique items in surprisingly large quantities.

We know from experience that from some of the most out of the way places come some of the most unique goods available anywhere

Our quality control is adapted to totally meet the retail client's requirements. Different retailers or vendors vary widely in their current level of comfort with a given product or manufacturer, so we have learned to be adaptive to their very specific needs. Our Director of Quality Control is a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and a certified instructor for the ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Course. Under him are contract employees with quality control and quality assurance experience in all the core groups we source or manufacture within.

Our standards for packaging design and drop testing are among the best in the industry,

Whether your retail sourcing needs are large or small, one store or one hundred; an internet start-up, or a long time catalogue retailer, we can find or manufacture exactly what you want at costs that will insure the margins you need.